Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Letters {10.12.12}'s Friday. Again. does that always happen? :)

Dear Husband, you are such a strong rock. I wish I could be like you when it comes to that. That's why I have you though, to make up for my weakness!
Dear New Car, I am in love with you! I'm so glad I found you, but the husband says I have to keep you until you die. So, I'm not sure if I want you to live a long life or a short one. I'll let ya know!
Dear Weight Loss Journey, here we go again, and again, and again. This time I'm for real. You have to go so I can have a baby!
Dear Fall, you make me smile. Let's be friends and you can stay around forever because I don't like that winter guy too much!
Dear Halloween, I can't wait to hand out candy to all the little cuties! To dress up or not to dress up?
Dear Cousin's Wedding Pictures, please edit yourself. I don't know how professionals do it all the time. Yikes!
Dear Husband again, can't wait for snuggle time when we get home! It's getting cold outside which means I get to put my cold feet on you and you can't complain!




  1. Good luck with the weight loss!! You can do it! :) And I totally love fall more than winter.. but, summer will always be my favorite!

  2. Yayy for colder weather and snuggles!! And definitely dress up, even if it's just to pass out candy! It's fun! :)

    Happy Friday!


  3. Hi from Friday Letters!

    Good luck with your weight loss journey!! I'm trying to start mine again too! If you need help along the way, I'm here :) & I'm too excited for Halloween too!!

    Happy Friday!

    xo, Heather


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