Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday {Fluffy Scrambled Eggs}

Well, hello lovelies. I haven't done a food tutorial before so I thought I would do one today. Something super simple and easy. Many of you I'm sure already have the routine down for scrambled eggs...they aren't very hard. Either way, I'll show you the way I make them and maybe you can take something from it.
Materials Needed:
1. Skillet
2. Fork or Whisk
3. Flat Wooded Spoon
4. Bowl
5. Eggs {of course}
6. 1/8 c. Milk
7. Cooking Spray {forgot this when I took the picture}

 Crack the eggs in the bowl. How many eggs you crack will depend on how many you need/want. I have 4 eggs here because I'm making breakfast for my husband and myself. 2 for each of us.
 {Side note: I also use cage free brown eggs. They are organic and taste WAY better. Trust me! I told my co-workers about them and one girl came back and said she bought them and used them in her meatloaf and it tasted totally different...better!}

I use the whole egg for my scrambled eggs. If you want to be super healthy you can separate the eggs and just use the whites if you want.

Don't throw away your egg shells. You can put them in your flower beds and gardens. They help to keep slugs away and also give nutrients to the soil.

 Now it's time to beat those eggs. I use a fork, but you can use a whisk if you would like. That would probably put more air in to them. Whatever you prefer.

This is what it should look like after you get done whipping them together.

Now it's time to add your milk. I use about 1/8 c. I think if you use more your eggs will be run and if you use less, your eggs will be dry. There's a balance...fluffy is what we're going for here!

Now it's time for the wooden spoon! {all the kids run and hide-do parents even do that anymore?}
Anyways, I use a flat wooden spoon. Mostly because I don't want to scrape my pans, but also because it's easier to chop up the eggs with instead of a rounded spoon.

Eggs in a skillet. This is when I first poured them in. I let eggs cook on the bottom until a whole layer is cooked. Then I start breaking them up. I seem to have more success this way instead of constantly moving them around. It's sort of like you're making an omelet.

Here's what it looks like after I let the whole bottom layer cook. I start moving them around then so the other eggs have a chance to fry. Doesn't look too appetizing right now does it?!

Progress. At this point I constantly move the eggs around so they cook evenly and don't get brown spots on them.

When the eggs are a little runny still, I take them off of the burner and just let the skillet finish the cooking. This prevents brown spots and over cooking.

Now it's time to enjoy those fluffy scrambled eggs with some toast, a banana, and a tall glass of milk.

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  1. Yummy! Please set an extra setting for tomorrow, I'll be over for breakfast! :)


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