Friday, September 14, 2012

Does this mean....

Alright folks...I "think" I'm getting older! :) Sigh.

*I can't lose weight like I used to be able to...sure can find it though.
*I don't heal as quickly when I hurt myself.
*I hurt myself.
*I have to go to the bathroom more frequently.
*I would love to stay in my pjs all day.
*My husband and I sit at home all weekend and play Rummykube. {enough proof right there}
*I've seen almost every new movie that's out on DVD.
*We just sold our Scion Xb because I thought it was a teenager's car.
*I hate when I have to wear high heels.
*Don't know half of the new songs on the radio when I turn it on. {that's possibly because I'm a country fanatic and don't seem to care about anything else}
*Would rather get ice cream than go on a walk {ok maybe that's called being fat instead of old}
*I'd rather go out to eat than cook. {again...fat or old?}
*Go to diners for breakfast on the weekend.

Ok. I think there's enough evidence there to convict me of "getting older." I'm not saying that I'm old by any means because for goodness sakes I'm only 26 and have a long life ahead of me. But what I'm saying is...I'm not a teenager or high schooler anymore. I can't and don't want to do some of the things that I did before.

Sometimes I think I can still do the things I did and end up getting hurt. I fell last weekend on my roller blades and brusied my tailbone pretty good and it's taking forever and ever amen to heal! Ugh. Oh well, I'm going to embrace getting older and stay positive about it because I don't want to one of those older people who just gives up.

No cutting of the hair for me, no coffee or card clubs. No bingo {for now} and elastic waisted polyester pants. You know the ones I'm talking about...
Embrace what ever age you are and live life to the fullest! No being bored, there's so many things to do and places to see!
Look how sad I look in this picture. This will not by my face when I'm that old. How miserable...and I think it makes you look older and uglier! Smile!
YIKES! Look at those bags!


  1. Haha! NEVER give up. I still havent. Its sad that people do. Have a great weekend!

  2. Yeah, just please, never wear those pants! It's funny how familiar they are to all of us. I'm not starting to notice any of the getting old traits yet...besides maybe the slower healing one...bruises and cuts seem to take forever to heal! I'm only 21!

    1. Trust me, I will NEVER wear those pants! ;) just wait a couple years and you'll see how things change. not that we're old!

  3. This made me laugh so much, you're hilarious!

  4. "forever and ever amen" haha! I'm glad that you are embracing your new you, or at least trying to! And you have pretty eyes even when old and sad.

    1. Thanks Kolie! :) You have to embrace it right?!


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