Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Liebster Award {twice nominated}

Ok. So I said I was going to do this last week but never got around to it...I've been nominated twice now for the Liebster Award....How wonderful huh?! Thank you so much! It's an honor really!

The first person to nominate me was Ashley from Oh Wells Instead of What If's. So I will be answering her questions first.
The second person to nominate me was Samantha from 3-Oh-1 Grace St. I will answer her questions second.

I am only going to nominate 5 blogs instead of 10!

Here's how it works!

  • someone "gave" this award to you? Create a blog post including 11 random facts about yourself
  • also in that blog post, answer the 11 question the person that nominated you has given you and make up another 11 questions for the people you will nominate
  • give this award to at least 5 blogs and link them in your post!
  • tell those people that you have nominated them for the award
  • you cannot nominate the person that has nominated you
  • remember to tag blogs with less than 200 followers

Random Facts

1. I have a kitty named Quincey that I love more than life itself! He's my world {after honey of course}

2. Mike and I are about to celebrate our 2 year anniversary of marriage and just celebrated our 4th year of being together!

3. The toe beside my big toe doesn't bend 

4. I'm an only child. And no we are NOT weird! {stole this one from Samantha}

5. I am afraid of the dark!

6. I miss Oklahoma a lot!

7. We don't have cable because it's a waste of time and money! {in my opinion}

8. Beauty and the Best is my favorite all time Disney movie...altough The Little Mermaid comes close!

9. I played softball in high school....I was hardcore! :)

10. I'm a rollercoaster junky! Can't wait to go to Cedar Point this year!

11. I don't wear socks!

Answers for Ashley's Questions...

1. Tell me about your favorite place?
    - I love being with my matter where I am!

2. Who inspires you most?
    -My mom. Shes my rock and she is a great example of who I want to be!

3. If you could be any celebrities significant other, who would it be?
    -Ok this is going to sound cheesy but I don't want anyone else but my husband. He's my one and only!

4. What does your perfect day include?
    -Being near water with my man and friends and family. I love swimming, boating, rafting, and fishing. Everyone is happier when they are on the water!

5. What is something you have always wanted to see?
    -Ground Zero in NYC! I will go there some day!

6. What is your dream job?
    -Working with littles...or being a stay at home mom when that day comes!

7. Flip flops or high heels?
   -Flip flops for sure. I love me some heels but I'll pick flops any day!

8. Where do you go for your favorite pizza?
    - A little shop here named "Penso's Pizza" The ONE AND ONLY!

9. What superpower would you want if you could choose?
     -Seeing the future! I would like to be able to prevent things from happening!

10. What TV show do you just have to watch every week?
      -Don't have cable! :0/

11. What is the most bizarre food you have ever eaten?
       -Calamari. I'm really picky so I don't try new things very often!

 Answers To Stephanie's Questions...

1. Puppies or Kitties?
      -Definitely Kitties...

2. Most complicated part about blogging for you?
    -Thinking of something to write about every day...keeping up with comments and social media. Working full time and blogging....giveaways...tweets...fb...guest posts...its hard!  

3.Drink of choice?
    -Don't drink alcohol so my favorite thing to drink is a nice COLD MCDONALD'S COKE! They have the best for some reason? NO?

4. Favorite vacay?
     -Definitely when we went to Mexico...were going on vacation at the end of August and I can't wait!!!

5. Least favorite chore around the house and why?
    -Ugh definitely the dishes. It's never ending....seriously! I do them and turn around and there they are again. Stupid dishes!

6. Spaghetti or lasagna (that's from my hubby)
       -Oh...Lasagna. It's got a lot more character than Spaghetti does!

7. Socks on or off when you sleep?
    -Socks off and out from under the covers...not a fan of covered up feetsies!

8. Guilty pleasure?
     -Online shopping. I'm addicted seriously!

9. Are you still friends with your best childhood friend?
    -We are friends but we live in different states...she was in my wedding! Of course I miss her!

10. You don't leave the house without _______?
      -Phone of course...I'm not like obsessed with lip gloss or anything. Oh I don't leave the house without sunglasses either. Thats a must!

11. Favorite dessert?
      -Ice cream for sure! I found this new flavor that has graham crackers in it. I can't talk about it because I'm on a diet and I'm not going to have any. {maybe}

My Questions for you....

1. Hawaii or Alaska?

2. Fruits of Veggies?

3. Country or City?

4. Shoes or Flip Flops?

5. Cubed Ice or Crushed Ice?

6. Do you like your water ice cold or room temperature?

7. Black or Blue pen?

8. Dresses or Shorts?

9. One piece or bikini?

10. Travel by plane or car?

11. Coffee or Tea?

And the Nominees are...

1. Mickime from ...and that's mine...

2. Alese from 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt

3. Alli from Allena Mistral

4. Riana from Beyond My Wildest Dreams

5. Katie from One Delightful Life

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P.S. I'm guest posting over at Little Homemade Housewife today. I'm showing how to make canvas art


  1. Congrats on your award! You answer to #1 (Ashley's questions) is so sweet! & I SO agree with number #7!

    xoxo ♥ -Shar

  2. Congrats! Twice, WOW! :] And I loved your answers. Such fun! P.S. Love your kitty's name!

  3. Thanks for doing it girl! And why do people always think only children are weird?!?! IF they are weird it's cause their parents raised them that way :)

    1. I dont know the answer to that. People think were weird and were not! we can prove em wrong!

  4. Congrats on your award! I love the name Quincey for a cat : ) Beauty and the Beast is my fave too!! Also I love calamari (call me weird!) and flip-flops are the best. I love your questions too!

    1. I didn't think the calamari was that bad. I'm a very texture person so it was weird for me that way. :) Sounds like we have a lot in common!

  5. Love McDs coke :) So delicious! Congrats on the award!

  6. Yay. So glad you're here! I will definitely be over to check it out!



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