Monday, July 9, 2012

10-4 Good Buddy {July Answers}

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1. What's your favorite free thing to do with your family?
Go to the zoo. It's just my husband and I but we love to visit different zoos in different cities!
2. What project in your house are you wanting to get finished or...ahem....start?

MY BATHROOM!!!! We {my f-i-l and husband} have been working on it now for 7 months. Needless to say...I'm ready! :) Grateful but ready!
3. What are your top 3 favorite phone/iPad apps?
1. Instagram...of course! :)
2. Vlingo...this is great seriously! It's an app that will translate your voice message into a text message so you don't get caught "texting and driving."
3. Flashlight....because I have to get dressed in the dark in the morning while my hubs is still sleeping. Harsh huh?!
4. What is your favorite post from last month? {June}

My Current Crush for 6/28/12 because it was my first Co-Host and Giveaway! It was an amazing experience! Will definitely do it again! {soon}
5. What is your go-to fast food restaurant? ps...I never spell resturaunt correctly. 
Uhh...definitely Wendy's. Buuut only because it's at the end of our street and I can literally walk there. If it was another restaurant it would be that. I'm all about convenience 
6. What clothing style do you love? Find a picture on-line that describes the clothing style you like best.
Ahh...this is my favorite question! I am totally LOVING stripes and long maxis!
See the problem with my love is that I have "adult" things to spend my money on so I crush crush crush on things and then...disappointment because I can't/don't want to spend the money on them right now. I have to learn to control my spending! :)

Found these lovelies on Pinterest
7. What attribute of God are you clinging to most these days?

Learning that God loves me for who I am right now. I don't have to change and when I do and make a mistake, He still loves me. I am covered in GRACE!
8. When you think of junior high, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

 8th grade dances. I wish I could find those pictures...dang it. I remember my mom bought me a new was a long black skirt with red roses on tank top with a black sweater to go over it for the Valentine's Day Dance. Oh man, did I think I was hot stuff!? {umm no}
9. What is your favorite summer dessert?
Oh goodnes...definitely ICE CREAM! I have been loving the red velvet flavored ice cream from a local place here, Handle's
10. What is your favorite picture from last month? {June}

Me and My Hunny! He's really my favorite! :)


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Wendy's used to be my fav but I'm a sucker for Chick-fil-a. Luckily, I don't live REAL close to one. You and your Hubby are too cute!

    1. :) Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by too! I LOVE Chick-fil-a too! But it's too far away!

  2. Hello there. Visiting from the 10/4 link up. Mmm... Red velvet ice cream sounds so good right now. Could have something to do with being off sugar for 2 weeks now. Super cute pic.

    1. I agree with Noel! That red velvet ice cream sounds divine! Thanks for linking up. Just so you know...Wendy's is my number 2. I love me a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. :)

    2. well...lemme tell's the most wonderfulest stuff there is! :) Glad you guys stopped over! Noel...NO SUGAR?!?!? YIKES!!! and yes...JR. Bacon Cheesburger mayo only! mmm mmm

  3. I heart stripes. Love them on maxi's too! Whoever said that horizontal stripes aren't flattering was surely lying!

    You and your hubs are adorable :)


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