Friday, June 8, 2012


The beautiful sunset while we were sitting out on our favorite part of the day!

We decided it was time to redo the BBQ in the back yard. Lookin' a little shabby. We powerwashed it...restacked the wood...and painted it. Getting ready for the 4th of July party at our house!!

 Making our fire pit into a fire patio...hubby project

The blue jay living in our back yard                              The back view of our house at sunset

Finally getting our upstairs bathroom finished up...we're not there yet but we're getting close. At least its functional now...toilet and shower in!! Yippie!

Going to see Lady glad to have my handsome man back!

Laying in front of the front door. He's such a spoiled boy! 

He loves looking out the window at our new bird feeder! Thanks mom and dad!

My favorite treat....watermelon. I could seriously sit and eat this whole bowl at one time. I have to limit myself! :) I love it so much I bought 3 different kinds to plant in the backyard! favorite part of this week. My good friend Ashley had her beautiful baby girl. Jaqueline Rilee! I love her already and I haven't even met her! I get to see her tomorrow {Saturday} and CANNOT wait!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend...I am going to have a busy weekend! Lots of insta pictures for next week!

There are two great things I want to leave you with...

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  1. Awww, what a cute baby!!
    And I'm sure that fire pit turned patio will turn out awesome!

    1. thanks alyx!! I hope so! like I's my hubbys project so I'm fully trusting him! :) I will definitely post more pics of the baby!


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