Friday, June 29, 2012

InstaFriday-6.29.12 {NEW FOLLOWERS}

Holy's Friday already! This week has really flown by. I think it's because I'm looking so foward to the 4th of July. I don't know why but this is definitely up there as one of my favorite holidays! For sure my favorite summer holiday! Next month I am going to switch it up and do every other week...One week instas the next week Friday Letters. I'm going to start Friday letters next week so you can learn more about it then.

Ok....just a little mention to all my new follwers...I am SO INCREDIBLY GLAD that you are here! It's so wonderful to have you! Please feel free to comment {but keep it friendly} and join in! I will always comment back and if I'm not following you, I will!!!! I want to be an open blogger and make sure everyone feels the love!

Here's my week so far in Insta's

My one day to do list to get ready for the 4th. Let me just say not everything got done! That only makes this weeks list longer right?!?! Yikes!

Took a night off to spend with my mother-in-law watching old movies. Black & White

Playing with the cat...I promise there is a cat hiding back there somewhere! :)

Mmmm....eating breakfast with my honey!

Crafting for the can make this too....check out the tutorial here.

Oh no...I found this little guy just sitting outside of our breezeway's like he was in mid travel and just stopped...poor little guy!

I did my first Co-Host and Giveaway...if you haven't linked up you can check it out here.

Mike's grandma {Granny} dropped off a whole box of crafting supplies! I came home for lunch and it was waiting there for me!

My honey sent me flowers to work just because he was thinking of me. How sweet huh?! AND THEY'RE SPARKLY!!!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Are you doing anything fun?! My grandma is turning 70, so were having a big bash for her!


  1. I love your blog. I linked up yesterday and started following you.

    Your honey looks like me when I'm playing with my cat. You have to get in the most awkward positions sometimes don't ya?

    I love the wreath! If I didn't already have so many other crafts on my to do list, I would totally make it!

    1. yes...our cat is incredibly spoiled!!

      thanks for following along! Maybe next year for the wreath! :)

  2. Love the wreath! Think I might give it a try!

    1.'s so easy! The hardest part is cutting the squares...not hardest but most time consuming!!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lovely photos -- adore the wreath!

  4. absolutely! I'll be over to follow back!

    I'm so glad you're here! :) Thanks for following!



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