Monday, June 4, 2012

Giving Up on Good-Month 1's Monday! Here we go again right? Oh its going to be such a good week...the weather is going to be beautiful, my hubby is home, and I HAVE A TOILET UPSTAIRS! You have no idea how long I have been waiting to be able to use the bathroom upstairs instead of the crummy basement. Next step...shower so I don't have to take a shower in the smallest shower in the world! When the bathroom is all done I am going to post before and after pictures so you can see what an amazing job my hubs and father-in-law did!!

New Series (click to go to original post) starts today and I am very excited about it! I am going to do one a month instead of one a week in the beginning. I don't want to be too over enthusiastic and set myself up for failure! I think it is going to challenge me to change things that I want to change but don't push myself to follow here we go...month 1. I hope this will encourage you to make some good changes as well!

This first one wasn't hard for me at all. It is keeping a neat and tidy house. Let me explain....worrying about how clean the house is when I'm not spending time with my husband. I am not talking about being in the same house with each other...I'm talking about quality time. One on one time...talking about things. I want to hear about his day.  I want him to know that I care about what he has to say and not just ok honey tell me about your day while I'm doing other things. I want to give him my undivided attention and for him to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the main priority in my life. I get so caught up in the appearance of my house or the outside flowers that I forget to make sure my husband doesn't feel neglected. I don't want him to think that things like getting the bathroom done, planting flowers, dishes, or making the outside of the house presentable for people we don't even know are more important than he is. He's my #1! This might be a little challenging for both of us because his two love languages are quality time and acts of service. goal is to make sure we spend time talking first and then clean the house or to have the house clean by the time he gets home so that I can spend time with him when he gets home from work. I think I am going to have my hands full with this one...just priority and time management.

Are you giving anything up for good?

If you want to find out more about Love Languages, here is the website.


  1. Oh could I join you on this one!!

  2. absolutely!!! thought it was a good one to kick it off with. :)


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